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Mentor – a wise and trusted counselor and teacher


John E. Simonett (July 12, 1924 – July 28, 2011) was an attorney and associate justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court. He was famous for his wit and thoughtfulness, characteristics reflected both in his judicial opinions, and in his writings and speeches.  In 2007, he was named one of the 100 most influential attorneys in Minnesota history.  Of his six daughters and sons, two became judges, one serving as the fourth Chief Judge of the Minnesota Court of Appeals from 1994 to 1995.

column2-image2Mission of John E. Simonett Inn of Court

The John E. Simonett Inn of Court strives to connect Judges and lawyers as well as mentor associate lawyers. Your “local” Inn is skit-free, offering speakers each month who are versed in many legal topics and we begin our meetings with “Tips from the Bench” from local area Judges.

Mission of the American Inns of Court

The Mission of the American Inns of Court is to foster excellence in professionalism, ethics, civility, and legal skills.

Goals of the American Inns of Court Foundation

  • To promote the American Inns of Court mission by encouraging members of the legal profession to participate in an American Inn of Court.
  • To help ensure the vitality and continuity of local Inns.
  • To communicate a culture of excellence in professionalism, ethics, civility and skills to the legal community and generally.